Coca Cola Christmas Truck | The HAUL-IDAYS Are Coming!

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It’s one of those iconic vehicles that we all know and love, and most importantly indicates that the holidays are coming! The Christmas ad is one of a phenomenon and is one of the first unofficial signs of the countdown to Christmas, but one many absolutely see as a crucial part of their festive period. Truly iconic trucks are few and far between, apart from Eddie Stobart wagons there are nowhere near as many famous trucks as there are cars, so that’s what makes the Coca Cola Truck just so fantastically brilliant!

The legend that is the Coca Cola Christmas wagon has been touring the country, spreading Christmas cheer for the past month or so, visiting 3.6 million people, but not only has it been delivering festive treats, but Coca Cola has been thinking of the environment too. By offsetting the Carbon Emissions throughout the journey!

As well as spreading festivities all around the country, the Christmas wagon also has some real power in that 14 litre engine! Reaching a top speed of 80MPH, driving the Coca Cola wagon is a job that must be taken seriously. It is also has 4600 LED lights decorating its bright red trailer, making it instantly recognisable for the past 25 years.

So be jolly and make good cheer for the Coca Cola Christmas ad comes but once a year!


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