Speed Trap Warning | Leads To Prosecution!

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You might want to think twice the next time you give another driver a friendly flash of your lights. We’ve probably all done it, giving the passing driver a heads up for the speed trap ahead of them, but this friendly driver’s code has led to one man being prosecuted!

The driver of the car proclaimed that he was trying to alert the other driver to stop him braking dangerously and causing an accident once they reached the speed trap. But despite this claim the driver has still ended up with a hefty fine.

The main claim of the authorities involved was that the driver was wilfully obstructing a police officer which does kind of make sense. But if you look on the other side of things; his flash of lights did the job of the speed trap, the other driver slowed down!

A tricky debate; but as long as drivers are slowing down, does it really matter whether it’s because of another driver’s alert or a police speed trap?

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2 Opinions

  • http://www.diecaststars.com/ Maria

    I can’t agree more with you , it would be good if everyone would follow the rules , as end result is top 30 min in a 300 KM trip , so really it doesn’t make scene to me why the go over the speed limit .
    Back to the topic these speed traps are kinda dangerous specially when they are waiting at a turn or someplace like that , so I would prefer to see a flash light than a police .. thought it would be bad to have myself or the other being prosecuted.

  • http://www.automobilecontacts.com/autoblog/land-rover-discover-4-armoured.html Land Rover Discovery 4

    Its not advisable to flash lights to distract a policeman on a freeway. Its better to keep moving with the traffic. I too would not like myself being prosecuted or been made to pay hefty fine. Thanks for sharing.

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