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If you have been watching TV in the past week, then I expect you have seen the new Skoda Fabia advert. Following the success of their utterly adorable and very clever cake ad last year, the marketing agency behind them had a lot to live up to, and I actually think they managed quite well. The ad is pithy, funny and impressive in equal measure, as you can see for yourself in the video below.

Of course, whilst the ad is fabulous, there is still the fact that this is a Skoda. Can this “Made of Meaner” stuff Fabia VRS, powered with snake venom and sculpted with laser beams, actually live up the hype. If the advert is to be believed, this is a sporty car with attitude.

Thanks to the VW engine, it is much likelier that this car has pizazz than it would have been back in the day. Gone is the 1.9 TDi Diesel, to be replaced with a much more exciting engine, a 1.4 TSI petrol. For the driver, this means a meaner and leaner drive, with that wonderful nippy quality that a hatchback really ought to have. The drive, it seems, is much improved on the previous version, and it is probably right up at the top of its game.

The only let down, therefore, is in the looks. Don’t get me wrong, against my better judgement I actually like this from the outsdie, especially the great green goblin coloured paint. However, inside it feels decidedly average, and I think the attitude (and the budget) got left at the door a little. Still, there isn’t really much wrong with it, it just doesn’t manage to be all that inspiring!

Oh, and I have to mention this – check out the loading on the new VRS site – it loads x-ray vision, snake venom and more! Great fun, and kudos for the agency really thinking outside the box!

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