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Welcome to the second in a roughly weekly installment. “If This Car Were An Animal What What Would It Be?” is a feature designed for those days of the week when life gets a bit too tough, and when all we want to do is sleep and wait for the weekend to arrive. The idea? Every week we come up with a car, and then an animal that we think that car resembles. Then we invite you to give your opinions, and thus a furry and terrifying creature is born. Just a bit of fun, really!

Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla

This week’s car is the decidedly ugly Fiat Multipla. A car famed for it’s ability to look like it is melting at the same time as it is driving, this car was for a while the most horrific looking automotive on the market. Of course now they have redesigned it, and it is more faceless design entity than utter disgrace. However, in the spirit of this game we have stuck with the original version to have our wicked way with! In our humble opinion, therefore, this Fiat looks a lot like a toad. A lumpy, bumpy, warty toad. From the eye headlights to the bulbous shape, there was no other animal it could be!

fat toad

... and the answer is, a fat toad!

What animal do you think the Fiat Multipla resembles?!

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Posted by admin   @   19 November 2010

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1 Opinions

  • http://www.scheinwerfer-vergleich.de Scheinwerfer

    Your article is a very good laugh! Love it how you describe the ugly shapes of the car and its tiny headlights. I cannot understand how Fiat was able to produce such a car. How would anyone every buy such a thing?

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