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Continuing the spirit of the Tuesday reading feature, but updating it to include whatever day of the week I feel like doing it (flexibility and adaptability is key…), let me introduce a little bit of further reading for you, in the form of Autoblog.

AutoBlog – one of the largest and most comprehensive car blogs on the web.

Description: It may not be the prettiest blog on the net, but Autoblog is probably one of the go-to places for car information. They have endless content, which may be a little overpowering for the normal everyday blog follower (I don’t know about you, but I can’t read that many posts a day) – but which is very good when it comes to reading about the latest news and road tests.

Advantages: Loads of info, lots of knowledge, and a restriction free pass to all of the latest events and news.


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Posted by admin   @   16 February 2011

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